A commercial solar hot water solution stands to benefit a whole range of industries, such as hospitality, dairy farming, vineyards and breweries.

Solar hot water isn’t just for heating your showers and pool at home. Any business owner looking to significantly reduce their water heating bill and their reliance on traditional fossil fuel energy can do so thanks to the power of the Australian sun.

The evacuated tube solar hot water collectors used in Apricus’ commercial installations are a reliable and highly capable solution, able to handle the exacting needs of a busy organisation.

Servicing the healthcare industry 

Recently, solar hot water has come to the fore in the town of Bellingen in New South Wales, where the community recently got behind a fantastic initiative to install a system at the local hospital.

Bellingen Hospital’s Hartley House has recently received new roofs thanks to the determination of the local residents, who had long been lobbying to have the old leaky ones addressed. Now the new roofs have have been supplemented with one of Apricus’ solar hot water systems.

Local news outlet the Bellingen Courier reported that “While the project does not save lives, coming in at a cost of more than $7000, the hospital can expect to save important funds – funds which can be freed up for better uses.”

Solar hot water collectors are an intelligent solution which can be relied upon come rain or come shine – the tubes passively track the sun’s progress throughout the day, retaining up to 95 per cent of the sunlight captured.

The heated water is then stored in an Apricus solar tank to provide hot water on demand, with the collectors frost protected down to -15 degrees Celsius.

A team effort for solar hot water 

The Bellingen Courier goes on to attribute the success of the project to the Bellingen Environmental Youth Experience, with a special mention for Lisa Siegel, whose efforts raised a staggering $6,474, in partnership with North Coast Power and Water, Bellingen Rotary, the health district and the team here at Apricus.

An advocate of the hospital, Barb Moore told the Bellingen Courier that there are also plans to connect an additional wing of the hospital to the Apricus system.

“In the past the cost of gas per annum for Bellingen Hospital has ranged from $12-17,000… there will still be a gas bill however it should now be reduced,” said Ms Moore. “This will result in the entire hospital’s hot water serviced by the sun (with gas back up). How good is that?”

Apricus has installed over 30,000 solar hot water systems across the country, customising solutions for commercial and domestic purposes alike. If you’re interested in taking a step towards a cost efficient, sustainable solution, talk to our team today about what we can do for you.