Do you know heating water accounts for 20-40% of total energy consumed in a residential home? Laundry, showering, washing floors, dish washing and bathing is becoming more expensive every year with our standard utility providers. And with only nuclear and hydro-electric outperforming solar energy we know there is a cost effective and sustainable alternative. Apricus makes solar hot water using our evacuated tube collectors on your roof.

Harnessing the sun is the best form of renewable energy with the least ongoing impact on our environment.

Solar hot water systems not only eliminate harmful carbon emissions caused by fossil fuels, but are also eco-friendly because of lowest carbon footprint when heating water. Green house gasses are only produced when the system is boosted during inclement weather or when the need for water is greater than that which is stored. The booster backup can be powered by either natural gas, LPG or electricity and uses hardly any resource when compared to other standard plumbed in household systems. The pump which circulates the water uses hardly any power at all.

So how much money can be saved by using an evacuated tube system compared to other solutions that heat water in your home? Below is a graph which compares hot water system costs for an average house of 3 bedrooms and 4 people.



You can make more sustainable saving by installing an Apricus Solar Hot Water system – request a quote today.