All In One Hot Water Heat Pump
All In One Hot Water Heat Pump

It’s never been a better time to get an intelligent All-In-One Air Source Water Heat Pump

Water heating is the second largest segment of household energy use.

Apricus All In One Heat Pump reduces energy costs by 70% compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters, with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes. Eligible for solar and heat pump water heater rebates, saving you more on your annual energy bills.

Check out our comparative cost and performance analysis of a wide variety of 260 litre hot water systems below to see how much you could save.

260 L/day hot water delivery * 365 Days

Peak tariff: 45 cents/kWh  |  Off-peak tariff: 25 cents/kWh  |  PV feed-in-tariff: 12 cents/kWh  |  Gas usage tariff: 27 cents/kWh

Note: Payback for Apricus All In One Heat Pump would range from as low as 2 to 3 years, depending on the current electric hot water system cost and electricity prices.

Water heating just got smarter

Introducing our latest product the All-In-One Heat Pump. Features include:

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage220V – 240V
Rated Frequency50Hz
Heating Water Production Rate65L/hr
Heating Capacity2600W
Maximum Input Power2800W
Maximum Input Current14.0A
Heat Pump Rated Power665W
Heat Pump Rated Current3.0A
Electric Heater Rated Power1800W
Electric Heater Rated Current8A
Refrigerent Volume400g
Rated Water Capacity260L
Water Pipe DiameterG3/4”
Waterproof RatingIPX4
Maximum Allowable Pressure3.0MPa
Maximum Working Pressure of SuctionSide3.0MPa
Maximum Working Pressure of Exhaust Side0.8MPa
Net Weight118kg
PTRV Rating850kPa
T&P Valve Power10kW
Ambient Operational Temperature-7~+43 °c

Operational Modes

  • Operational data monitoring including tank temperature and heat pump total power usage
  • Access to data on the physical controller as well as the mobile app
  • Easy fault finding and troubleshooting using historic data
  • Adjusting the operational mode, setting the unit on a timer, and monitoring the temperature ALL by using the mobile app remotely

Government Solar Rebates

There’s never been a better time to get hot water solutions in Australia. There are federal and state rebates available for our All-In-One Heat Pump that can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing, installing and running your system.

Frequently Asked Pre Sale Questions

Your solar hot water system is eligible if it is listed in the Essential Services Commission Register of Solar Water Heaters. For Solar Water Heaters, the VEET Activity that corresponds to your system will be either;

  • 1C(18) – Water Heating – Electric Boosted Solar replacing electric resistance
  • 1F & 3B – Water Heating – Gas/LPG Boosted Solar replacing electric resistance
  • 3B – Water Heating – Gas/LPG Boosted Solar replacing gas/LPG


VEEC is a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate that represents the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) in tonnes that would be displaced by the use of the solar water heater.

STCs must be claimed within 12 months of the installation of an eligible system.

  • Find an STCs trading company that you are happy with
  • Download a solar water heating form for STCs from a STCs trading company.
  • Complete the form and collect the specified supporting documentation (a list can be found within the form).
  • Submit your form and documentation to the STCs trading company of your choice to receive your financial benefit.

An STC is a small-scale technology certificate which represents the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) that would be displaced by the use of the solar water heater over its lifetime of up to 10 years. One STC is equivalent to one MWh of electricity offset by the solar water heater.

Hot Water Heat Pump

Apricus All In One Heat Pump System is eligible for STCs, VEECs, ESCs along with relevant State rebates.

Your local Apricus agent will be able to size a system to suit your individual needs. Their recommendation is based on:

  • Where you live
  • How many people live your household
  • Your household water demands
  • The water quality in your area
  • The type of energy source available to the household (Electricity, LPG or Natural gas)

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      What Our Customers Say…

      Apricus solar systems are brilliant. Solar hot water is to be installed correctly by correct solar accredited plumbers . I have a system 7 years old and only turn my booster on after 2 days of cloud. My family use approximately 200ltr of hot water daily.


      The reason our company choose Apricus is that we KNOW they are the most reliable system on the market – bar none! We have had plenty of years installing all the major brand names in Solar and though some of them are not bad they just do not compare with the performance and reliability standards that set Apricus apart!

      Professional opinion on the Apricus range of Hot Water Systems

      Great Service! Our unit is 6 years old. Rang Apricus because we had no hot water. They had it fixed on the same day. Great response and service. Even talked me through how to read controller and check pump.
      Thank you Apricus.

      Clarrie Hastings

      Ros was very helpful with a recent warranty claim. My system is 5 years all heat tubes were replaced after speaking with Ros and a couple of emails. Great service


      After 15 years of service it was time for a new pump. Ros was very helpful and found a replacement quickly after speaking to the technical team. It arrived the next day is is back up and running.

      Oliver S

      Very courteous and helpful. Couldn’t do enough for us. They fixed the problem straight away with no hassles. I would recommend this system. We now have very hot water. Thank you

      Jan A

      My summer gas bill dropped from about $40 (actual usage) to $5 after getting this system. It is elevated above my solar panels, so made good use of my roof. The temperature is perfect at all times of the year (it does have a booster). I’ve used it since May 2014 and am very happy


      Ros was exceptional getting the problem solved by diagnosing the fault and the speed of replacement parts to be installed by an Apricus plumber Graham who was very efficient.. well done to you all..

      Barbara L

      Had an issue with the Grunfos pump and Apricus (Ros) responded immediately to our query – very helpful and provided non stop courteous assistance in getting the system back up and running – and kept on with after care to ensure it was all operating well.A credit to the company.

      Stuart D


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