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Have you been thinking about installing a solar water heater and not sure what systems are available and what’s best for your home? A plumber will always recommend the best custom system for your home but you can read below to get an idea of what system will be needed

The factors that determine the best system for your home

Have you been thinking about installing a solar water heater and not sure what systems are available and what’s best for your home?

There are a number of factors to be considered before deciding on a solar hot water system.  A plumber will recommend the best system for your home because solar hot water heaters should only be installed by a qualified plumber.

Their recommendation will be based on:

  • number of people in your household
  • the amount of water used
  • when the water is used
  • water quality
  • the pitch of your roof
  • the climate where you live

It is important that you understand how a solar hot water system works – as much as ensuring the plumber understands your household’s needs – so the right size is installed for your home.   If the storage tank is too small there is a risk you will run out of hot water occasionally or that the booster will need to be used more often. If your storage tank is larger than what your household needs, energy will be wasted in storing excess hot water.

Hot water usage is approximately 80 litres per person per day in Australia, on average.*  The types of appliances and features in your home, as well as how you use them, will affect your household’s hot water consumption.

Factors that can increase your hot water usage include:

  • spa baths
  • long showers
  • living in a cold climate.

As a guide only, until you speak with a plumber, for an Apricus solar hot water system a broad indication of system sizes are:

  • 1-2 Bedrooms: 22 evacuated tube solar collectors with a 250L tank
  • 3-4 Bedrooms: 30 evacuated tube solar collectors with a 315L tank
  • 4+ Bedrooms: 44 evacuated tube solar collectors with a 400L tank

*Solar Water Heater Guide, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, 2013

6 Reasons To Buy an Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

What Our Customers Say…

Apricus solar systems are brilliant. Solar hot water is to be installed correctly by correct solar accredited plumbers . I have a system 7 years old and only turn my booster on after 2 days of cloud. My family use approximately 200ltr of hot water daily.


The reason our company choose Apricus is that we KNOW they are the most reliable system on the market – bar none! We have had plenty of years installing all the major brand names in Solar and though some of them are not bad they just do not compare with the performance and reliability standards that set Apricus apart!

Professional opinion on the Apricus range of Hot Water Systems

Great Service! Our unit is 6 years old. Rang Apricus because we had no hot water. They had it fixed on the same day. Great response and service. Even talked me through how to read controller and check pump.
Thank you Apricus.

Clarrie Hastings

Ros was very helpful with a recent warranty claim. My system is 5 years all heat tubes were replaced after speaking with Ros and a couple of emails. Great service


After 15 years of service it was time for a new pump. Ros was very helpful and found a replacement quickly after speaking to the technical team. It arrived the next day is is back up and running.

Oliver S

Very courteous and helpful. Couldn’t do enough for us. They fixed the problem straight away with no hassles. I would recommend this system. We now have very hot water. Thank you

Jan A

My summer gas bill dropped from about $40 (actual usage) to $5 after getting this system. It is elevated above my solar panels, so made good use of my roof. The temperature is perfect at all times of the year (it does have a booster). I’ve used it since May 2014 and am very happy


Ros was exceptional getting the problem solved by diagnosing the fault and the speed of replacement parts to be installed by an Apricus plumber Graham who was very efficient.. well done to you all..

Barbara L

Had an issue with the Grunfos pump and Apricus (Ros) responded immediately to our query – very helpful and provided non stop courteous assistance in getting the system back up and running – and kept on with after care to ensure it was all operating well.A credit to the company.

Stuart D