Apricus Solar Hot Water For News

Solar hot water spotlight: Bellingen Hospital

A commercial solar hot water solution stands to benefit a whole range of industries, such as hospitality, dairy farming, vineyards and breweries. Solar hot water isn't just for heating your

What is the history of solar hot water?

As solar hot water in Australia begins to pick up in popularity, companies such as Apricus are at the forefront of a growing energy trend. Indeed, modern day evacuated tube

Solar Hot Water Creates Savings up to 30%

What is something all Australian households have? A hot water system! All Aussies rely on a hot water unit to supply heated water for washing, bathing, hygiene and also for

Will solar power take over by 2050?

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has indicated how much of an impact solar power will have on the world in future, suggesting this could become the main source of energy


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