Apricus Home Solar Hot Water For Domestic Use

Solar Hot Water Annual Running Costs

Do you know heating water accounts for 20-40% of total energy consumed in a residential home? Laundry, showering, washing floors, dish washing and bathing is becoming more expensive every year

How to Be “Off the Grid” with Hot Water

The rising cost of utilities in Australia is leaving many worried about the future costs of electricity and water. Even as tariffs are being reduced, people continue to invest in

3 common myths about solar hot water

At Apricus, we're proud to have been bringing a sustainable alternative to electric water heating to Australian homes and businesses for years. While we are passionate about our field, we know not

What is the history of solar hot water?

As solar hot water in Australia begins to pick up in popularity, companies such as Apricus are at the forefront of a growing energy trend. Indeed, modern day evacuated tube


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