If you’re dreading seeing the numbers on your monthly power bill creep higher and higher this winter, now may be the right time to consider investing in a solar hot water system. Not only can solar hot water save you money on your electricity bill, you can also sleep easy knowing that you’ve made a sustainable choice for heating your home water supply.

For those who have already started doing their research, you may have noticed that solar hot water comes in two forms: evacuated tube solar and solar ready tanks.

So what do these two products actually do? Read on to find out.

Preparing for a solar future

Changing your household’s water heating system is not a decision many will take lightly, especially for everyone who has grown up with a traditional electric hot water system. However, if you are in the process of renovating, or if your hot water tank is due for an upgrade, why not consider getting a tank which is solar ready?

Apricus’ solar ready tanks may look like a regular tank, but unlike your old system, they are compatible with a solar hot water system – meaning that when you decide to make the switch, you’ll have the capacity you need.

Making the change to solar 

According to the Clean Energy Council, over 800,000 solar hot water systems have been installed across the country – saving up to 8.2 per cent of all clean energy generated here.

By simply adding a solar collector and pump, you can look to save an incredible up to 80 per cent on your water heating bills. Apricus’ evacuated tube solar collector tracks the position of the sun throughout the day, and retains up to 95 per cent of the solar energy it captures.

Compared to other solar collectors, which can weigh up to a staggered 500 kilograms, Apricus’ rooftop system is lightweight. A 30-tube collector weighs approximately 110 kg distributed across a 2.2-metre by 2.0-metre roof space, meaning you won’t have to bother with cumbersome cranes to get it installed.

Even when the sun goes down, you can rely on your solar hot water system to provide you with steaming hot showers, as water heated throughout the day is stored in the water tanks.

Ready to make the change to solar? Contact Apricus today to see what our expert team can do for your home or business.