More and more countries are beginning to place an emphasis on going green by adopting renewable energy solutions and trying to reduce their carbon emissions.

So, which are the most environmentally friendly out of the bunch? We have narrowed it down to the top 10 – Australia didn’t quite make the cut, but choosing to install a solar hot water system in your home or business could help the nation skyrocket in terms of its greenness.


This Scandinavian country gets most of its power from renewable energy sources. It is blessed with geothermal resources and many powerful rivers, making it an ideal choice for hydroelectric power.

The country is also making a firm push to become 100 per cent green energy efficient in future, with an emphasis on recycling, eco fuel, minimal driving and use of green products.


When you think of this gorgeous country, you may envisage rolling green fields, icy mountains and beautiful lakes. You are not far wrong. This country certainly has a strong focus on the environment with eco-friendly products widely available and renewable energy used throughout the country.

There is also a focus on looking after the environment, and littering can attract fees. Not only that but many Swiss people opt to cycle rather than drive.

Costa Rica

This country, located in Central America, is famed for a stunning array of rainforests. Strong importance is placed on biodiversity and around 27 per cent of the nation’s land has been protected by a network of Wildlife Refuges, National Parks and Biological Reserves.


It seems that Scandinavia comes out trumps where green measures are concerned. This country uses clean and green energy sources and is famous for its efficient and green public transportation options such as the rail networks.

Swedes are also keen to cut or phase out fossil fuels by 2020 and have made sizeable efforts to protect their forested areas.


This country was spurred into action after feeling the effects of climate change, after all it is close to the melting Arctic. As a result the country dedicated itself towards taking measures to avoid environmental disaster, with a strong focus on renewable energy, recycling and the use of eco fuels. This is great news for nature lovers as it means the country is well on track to maintain its natural beauty, gorgeous fjords and lush forests.


Located in the beautiful Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, you may know Mauritius as home of the now-extinct Dodo. However, there is more to it than that now. The country boasts a strong anti-litter campaign, which may have helped keep the island so spotless. Most of the island’s power comes from hydroelectricity.


This list is based on the Environmental Performance Index rating released by Yale University. France is a controversial choice, owing to the fact much of its power is generated by nuclear power plants. However, this produces very little carbon.

France also became one of the first countries to invest in off shore wind farm technology and offers grants to residents who make the switch to solar.


Known for being clean and green, this is the third alp-bordering country to make the cut. The spectacular landscape is safe for now, seeing as the country remains dedicated to investing in green energy policies.


While still under communist rule, this country has managed to branch out into the environment, offering many solutions that prevent carbon emissions. Much of its power comes from hydroelectricity and the government has made strides to ensure every Cuban home is connected to a hydro station.


In a bid to combat deforestation, Colombia has made great strides in becoming more environmentally friendly, using bamboo for construction projects rather than steel and promoting eco-friendly products. It is also a world leader in fuel-efficient mass transit.

In order to boost Australia’s position up the list, why not consider installing a solar hot water system? If you have any questions, contact the team at Apricus for more information.