The Tondoon Botanic Garden is located in central Queensland – Gladstone, to be specific.

As well as being home to plenty of lush tropical, subtropical and dry rainforests, this stunning garden can now lay claim to two new solar hot water systems from Apricus.

The systems were installed by Trevor and the team at The Tap Doctor Gladstone and are spread over two locations, providing hot water to the administration block as well as the workshop utilised by the garden staff regularly.

The solar hot water systems from Apricus are the AE-160-GL-BOT-20. Each hot water system utilises 20 x Apricus evacuated tubes, that heat 160 litres of water from the sun. During periods of overcast or rainy weather, if any additional heating is required it is provided by the built in electric booster.

Tondoon Gardens received federal funding in order reduce the parks reliance on non sustainable energy sources – and help reduce the financial burden of increased energy bills.

Nestled amongst the landscape of Mount Biondello, Tondoon Botanic Garden is a popular spot for picnics, while also hosting plenty of ceremonial and cultural events. Around 100,000 people go through the park gates every year, according to the Queensland government owing to its reputation for relaxation, recreation and inspiration.

If you want to take inspiration from the park’s green innovations, there are plenty of hot water systems perfect for any business in the country.

For more information about the right kind of unit to support your individual needs, contact the team at Apricus. They have years of experience in helping people convert to solar hot water.

Meet Trevor Donges

I’m your local Tap Doctor for the Gladstone area.

I live at Tannum Sands with my wife and two of our sons. Our married son and his family live nearby, and our daughter and her husband live and work in Mackay. Prior to moving here in September 2006, we operated a successful plumbing business at Warwick, in South Queensland, for over 20 years.

As well as enjoying the more relaxed lifestyle of this region, we are very committed to providing this community with a satisfying plumbing experience.