Since Australia has plenty of sunshine on offer, it’s no wonder many people are choosing to heat their hot water with the sun’s rays.

Solar energy can be used to heat up to 90 per cent of your household’s hot water needs, depending on your local climate.

Traditional water heating systems make up on average 25 per cent of your overall energy usage according to the Department of Industry, so could be a substantial saving.

If you do not produce enough hot water for your needs, the rest can be provided by an electric or gas booster, so you can guarantee you will always have a generous amount of hot water on the go.

What is the lifetime cost of a solar hot water system?

Any extra up front costs you pay to install one of these systems will be mitigated by the savings you will make over the lifetime of your hot water system.

Larger households in warm areas will recover these costs more quickly as they use more water but even smaller families will soon notice a difference in the cost of heating water.

Apricus solar hot water systems in Australia come with a 15 year warranty, and since the parts will be covered for that duration, your system will be protected for years to come.

There is no need to worry about replacement costs and during its long lifetime as this system will require very little maintenance. This makes it a cost effective way to heat your water.

What about the environmental costs?

Switching to a solar hot water system is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint as it can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases your home emits.

Heating water represents the highest sources of greenhouse emissions for the average Australian household, if you don’t count any vehicles.

This is a great way to invest in green renewable energy sources to help the environment.

It is a sustainable choice that relies solely on the power of the sun, which is a free resource that will never run out.

This also means your hot water needs will not be impacted by any increases in electricity and gas prices, which could save you even more down the track.

Call the friendly team at Apricus to find the perfect solar hot water system to suit your individual needs and get saving!