A Victorian family recently sought a reliable, hot water system that would alleviate them from having to constantly check their gas bottle for fear of running out.

The family compared many different systems and chose an Apricus 315L 40 Evacuated Tube solar hot water system with a 20L/min instantaneous gas booster, and could not be happier!

“We had an Apricus solar hot water service installed a few months ago. It is amazing, before then we had a gas hot water system. Every few weeks we would run out of gas and have cold showers, then we would need to disconnect, fill up and reconnect the gas bottles. Now it’s fantastic we don’t even need to think about it. We have hot water every day, all the time that has never run out. I recommend it to everyone!”

– Ian & Alison

Their original unit used approximately one bottle of gas per month, at a cost of about $100 per month. Now one gas bottle lasts approximately ten months, saving them more than $1000 annually!

The system was supplied and installed by Cola Solar, an Apricus solar hot water reseller in Victoria.

System Quick Facts:

  • – Apricus System Model: AC-315-GL-20L-40
  • – 40 x Apricus Evacuated Tubes
  • – 2 x AP20 Solar Collectors
  • – 1 x 315 Litre Apricus Solar Ready Tank
  • – 1 x Apricus 20Litres/min Gas Booster

System Supplier & Installers:

Cola Solar