The University of Newcastle’s extension to the Medical Sciences Faculty included the construction of a brand new six level building, four levels dedicated to teaching with two levels for plant, research and development. Two separate loads required hot water throughout the building, the first being potable hot and warm water, and the second non-potable hot water loop.

The building’s annual heating requirement is 18,300 kWh, and the Apricus evacuated tube solar thermal system is designed to contribute 14,521 kWh resulting in approximately 79% reduction in energy consumption for the building’s hot water. 

The Apricus AP-30 collectors were chosen due to their high quality and high performance characteristics. Coupled with high quality hot water circulation and gas boosting products, the Apricus solar thermal system is designed to give many years of free hot water from the sun.

The Apricus commercial solar hot water system consists of:

  • 10 x Apricus AP-30 Collectors
  • 300 x Apricus Evacuated Tubes and Heat Pipes
  • 10 x Apricus Cyclone Rated Pitching Frames
  • 8 x 315 Litre, Australian Made Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks
  • 3 x 32 Litres/Minute Bosch Gas Post Boosters