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All-In-One Air Source Water Heat Pump

Water heating is the second largest segment of household energy use.

Apricus All In One Heat Pump reduces energy costs by 70% compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters, with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes. Eligible for solar and heat pump water heater rebates, saving you more on your annual energy bills.

Check out our comparative cost and performance analysis of a wide variety of 260 litre hot water systems below to see how much you could save.

260 L/day hot water delivery * 365 Days

Peak tarrif: 45 cents/kWh  |  Off-peak tarrif: 25 cents/kWh  |  PV feed-in-tarrif: 12 cents/kWh  |  Gas usage tarrif: 27 cents/kWh