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4 ways to reduce your water footprint

Your carbon footprint depends on a number of factors: Your transportation method, fuel efficiency, home size, purchasing choices, eating habits … all of these things and more have an impact

All about water saving shower heads

Hot water is an essential in the bathroom - nobody really enjoys an ice cold shower! Once you have installed a solar hot water system to heat your water, you

Commercial Solar Hot Water Makes Sense

Is your business thinking of investing in evacuated solar hot water tubes in order to improve efficiency or reduce costs? Here are some great reasons why this is a good option

Is Solar Power Reliable?

Want to cut down your power bills? Solar could be a great way to go about this change. While you could install solar PV panels on your roof, another tool

Solar Hot Water Creates Savings up to 30%

What is something all Australian households have? A hot water system! All Aussies rely on a hot water unit to supply heated water for washing, bathing, hygiene and also for

Stop the dinosaurs campaign kicks off

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition alongside the Climate Institute have teamed up to produce a communications campaign designed to save the carbon and renewable energy laws. Known as the "Stop

Will solar power take over by 2050?

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has indicated how much of an impact solar power will have on the world in future, suggesting this could become the main source of energy

Top 3 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

In the wake of recent budget cuts to renewable energy sources, many Australians may wonder just what they can do to lower their individual carbon footprints. Here are a few steps

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