Want to cut down your power bills? Solar could be a great way to go about this change.

While you could install solar PV panels on your roof, another tool in your arsenal is to invest in a solar ready hot water heaters.

Why is solar reliable?

Unlike energy sources like electricity and gas, the sun’s power is not about to be depleted anytime soon.

It is a renewable source that is guaranteed to rise in the morning and set in the evening.

In time the unit will pay for itself as you can have hot water generated at no extra cost.

This also means you are able to avoid the costly increases in electricity or gas prices that have been predicted by energy experts.

You can instead rely on a free and renewable source of energy and guarantee there will be hot water for your morning shower.

How do solar hot water systems work?

There are two types of solar hot water systems on the market – flat plate panels and evacuated tubes.

Flat plate panels are not as efficient, but are able to capture much of the sun’s energy when it is perpendicular to the panel.

These are best situated on a north facing roof in order to maximise the amount of sunshine they can capture, and require more roof space than solar evacuated tubes.

On the other hand, evacuated tubes are the most efficient water heating system on the market. They can be placed on north, east or west facing roofs.

They work by passively tracking the sun throughout the day from its peak in the morning until it begins to fade in the late afternoon.

Rather than allowing heat to escape, the vacuum design of these tubes means 95 per cent of the solar energy captured is retained.

This makes them an ideal choice in the winter months or even in cooler climates as you can rely on them to supply your home or business with hot water, lowering your power bills and your carbon footprint.

Will a solar hot water system heat enough water in winter?

There’s no need to worry about reliability –  these units are designed to perform admirably even when conditions are cloudy.

In fact, evacuated tube solar hot water systems are designed to take the maximum amount of energy from the sun’s path during the day even in the winter.

However, it is important to note that these units come complete with a gas or electricity booster. When required, these can top up your hot water so you never have to face a cold shower or run out of water for the dishes.

They are designed to be frost proof, so even if the mercury drops there is no need to fret about your hot water heater.

Not only that, but they are built to withstand extreme forces and if something did go awry, it is simple to fix a single tube rather than the entire system.

Will an evacuated tube solar hot water system need lots of maintenance?

They are built to last and since they were designed without the use of glycol these systems need minimal maintenance.

Apricus evacuated tube solar collectors also come with a 15 year warranty for both domestic and commercial installations, including the mounting, evacuated tubes, heat pipes and the manifold.

This means there is no need to question the reliability of the service, as it will no doubt exceed your expectations.

To get more information about the solar hot water system that will best suit the needs of your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Apricus. They have all the answers to your tricky solar questions!