Hydronic Floor Heating Hydronic Floor Heating

Would you like to wake up on a cold morning and your feet stay warm without your slippers?


Hydronic floor heating allows you to experience the ultimate in home comfort, no matter the season. Apricus has developed partnerships in the industry to deliver customised, hydronic floor heating solutions designed to suited to those looking for the ultimate in home comfort and seeking cost efficient heating solutions.

Good home heating you don’t feel – it’s just comfortable – 24/7.

The Apricus team are here to help you find the hydronic heating solution that suits you and your family. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

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How It Works

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What do our customers think?

What do our customers think?

Keeps up with me and the family: I installed our Apricus 40 tube 400L system in the middle of winter last year… the shortest day of the year here on the mid north coast NSW – we had a really nice clear day so I flicked off the booster to “test it out” and we had plenty of hot water for the four of us. We do use the booster after periods of extended rain / cloudy weather – but our hot water bills remain minimal.

Reviewed 22/3/16 on productreview.com.au

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