Solar Hot Water Sytems and Heaters

Enjoy Sustainable Savings

Hot water heaters are the single most energy intensive appliance in the home.  With ever increasing gas and electricity costs – there’s never been a better time to switch to a solar hot water heating system – the most cost effective and efficient way to heat water in your home.  Installing an Apricus Solar Hot Water system can:

  • SAVE you up to 80% on your water heating bills
  • REDUCE your household’s carbon emissions
  • INCREASE the value of your property

You can SAVE EVEN MORE with government rebates (STCs and VEECs)

How a solar hot water system works

Greater solar collector for more hours of the day

Our solar hot water heating system is designed with evacuated tube collectors that passively track the sun for more hours of the day to provide greater solar collection.

If you need to replace your hot water heater or you are buying or renovating your home, why not upgrade to solar? We will connect you with your local Apricus agent to recommend the best system for your property based on the climate you live in, the water quality and your water usage.

Apricus are specialists in designing innovative, solar hot water heating systems for residential and large-scale commercial properties. We help property owners who care about their environmental footprint enjoy sustainable savings on their energy bills.

Sustainable savings with Apricus Solar Home Hot Water systems

What do our customers think?

What do our customers think?

Reliable and cost effective:  I have 3 Apricus Systems on 3 properties and I’m truly impressed. The water is always hot. My electricity bill is down. I would gladly recommend this system to anyone. I can’t actually remember a time where I have had to boost the system. I quite like the visual aspect of Apricus as well. I’ve had systems in the past that looked big and ugly.

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